Dear Owlet, I Love You. From, A SIDS Mommy

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 Please note: Owlet is NOT a SIDS monitor, their products do not claim to treat, cure, mitigate or diagnose any condition or illness. Owlet is intended to provide peace of mind. 

My four-month-old daughter passed away on October 16, 2016. There were no warning signs. She was not sick. She was a perfectly healthy baby, who silently passed away in her sleep on a dreary, Sunday morning. 

Losing her is a kind of pain I’m certain I will carry with me until I see her again. I have so many “what if’s” that flood my mind and thoughts of future memories we never had the chance to make. 

Her death was ruled as SIDS- and while my fiancé and I knew a baby monitor such as Owlet’s is not a cure to this truly horrific syndrome, we were certain we would need one (for our own peace of mind) if we decided to have another baby. 

One year later, brought with it TWO babies- twin girls! 

The day we brought them home from the hospital, was the day they started wearing their Owlet Smart Sock’s and they have been wearing them ever since. 

Why you should Run With the Owlet Smart Sock

Unlike any other product, Owlet’s smart sock uses clinically- proven pulse oximetry to track baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, notifying you if they fall outside of the preset limits. 

Basically, it’s a miracle sock and your baby NEEDS one. 

  1. You could be the GREATEST mom in the whole wide world- but no matter how great you are, you could never continuously track baby’s heart rate and oxygen on your own. 

When one of my twin girl’s was a month old, she was having some reflux issues and got choked up during a feed and began to turn blueish. My base station alerted me her oxygen was low and I immediately took her to the hospital. From there, the doctors were able look into my Owlet Connected Care Mobile App (an app that lets you see levels from anytime the smart sock is worn) to see the dip in her oxygen levels to make a better prognosis. 

Without the Owlet, I couldn’t do this. 

  1. The base station and Owlet Mobile App provides you with three different notifications. 

With every purchase of an Owlet, you receive a base station which glows green, yellow, blue or red. This base station connects to the Smart Sock and a FREE mobile app which gives you real- time assessments on baby’s heart rate and oxygen.  

So my very first question when we received our Owlets was, “What if my phone is on silent?” 

Don’t worry, the notification will override your silence on your phone(s)! 👌

What do these glowing colors mean? 

Green: This is the standby color, letting you know everything is as it should be. 

Blue: Smart sock has fallen outside of the Bluetooth range. (Plays twinkle twinkle little star melody). 

Yellow: Smart sock has shifted off baby’s foot or is low on battery. (Plays twinkle twinkle little star melody). 

Red: Oxygen saturation or heart rate has fallen outside of the preset zones and baby should be checked on. (Alarms a repetitive, loud beep). 

  1. The Owlet Smart Sock is a comfortable experience for baby to grow with. 

With every purchase, Owlet provides four various sized socks so it can grow with your baby up to 18 months old. Your smart sock can be alternated between baby’s left or right foot.  

  1. They just added ADORABLE prints for the Smart Sock! 

Owlet has gone above and beyond my expectations to supply parents fashionable socks for their fashionista babies. 

  1. The battery life on these little socks is AMAZING. 

The girls wear their Owlet Smart Socks almost all day and night and there has been ZERO issues with the socks maintaining a good charge. 

The battery life is approximately 18 hours, so we take our socks off our girls before bath time for the standard two hour charge and they last until the next day. 

  1. We have NEVER had a false alarm or experienced any technical difficulties. 

Guys, this is huge! After buying something to give me peace of mind I was really hoping we wouldn’t have any technical difficulties or false alarms that would end in me being an anxious mess. We haven’t had ANY! 

You may get the yellow notification for improper sock placement at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s super simple.

  1. It’s easy to use and hassle free.

My fiancé had our girls’ Owlets set up with full access to their real time levels on the app within minutes! 

If you’re having issues, call their support center and they make it easy to assist you. 

  1. No scary chords, wires or buzzing sounds.  

The Owlet Smart Sock is COMPLETELY silent so you don’t have to worry about baby being woken up. Thank the good Lord. 

Another bonus, it’s designed wire- free because of the 100 feet Bluetooth range so there are no scary wires for baby to get tangled into. You will be notified from your phone and base station if you are outside of the Bluetooth range. 

Also, if there are any momentary issues with the mobile app, no problem! The base station is continuing to work normally. 

  1. You WILL get a better nights sleep. 

After we lost our daughter, I didn’t think it would be possible to sleep right again with a new baby. 

But every night before bed, the Owlet base stations are the last thing I look at before falling asleep. When I see that green glow, I sleep at ease, knowing I will be notified to check on my babies if needed. 

And every morning, I wake up to that same glorious, green glow. 

A couple weeks ago, I was exhausted and forgot to turn on the base stations to the Owlet’s before we all went to sleep. I was exhausted and fell asleep before I had the chance, something I never do. 

When I woke up the next morning, I could feel sheer panic when I didn’t see the green glow of their base stations. I ran to them and scooped them up one by one, startling them out of a peaceful sleep. They were fine. 

But my anxiety from this felt similar to the morning I woke up to find my precious baby girl had passed away far too soon. I had that nauseous ache in my gut and a knot in my throat. 

I know without the Owlet, I would be awoken to that same, horrifying panic every single morning. 

So from a mama who has been through the worst, there is no amount of gratitude which could match my thankfulness for a product that gives me such peace of mind. 

From the deepest part of my heart, thank you Owlet. 

A SIDS Mommy 

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