To The One Shaming Stillborn Photos On Social Media

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Just this past month, I’ve seen three mother’s publicly shamed for posting pictures of their stillborn babies on social media. THREE, already-hurting moms were knocked down just a little bit lower by some real, Grade A butt-yanks. 

Beneath the photos, is where I (and hundreds of others) first saw those cruel words. One of them deemed a stillborn’s birth announcement, “inappropriate.” While another referred to the parents as, “attention-seeking.” But one woman went as far as to call a precious babe, “gross.” 

If I could have a personal sit-down with just one of you, I’d probably slap you silly. But since that’s not within the realm of possibilities, let me enlighten you on a subject you know nothing about. 

According to the World Health Organization, there are roughly 2.6 million stillbirths every year. Thats 2.6 million lives to be celebrated, but according to you, parents aren’t doing it right. As if you have any life-experiences regarding the loss of a child. 

Let’s get one thing straight, your discomfort extends for how long? Until you’ve scrolled past the image? Or until you’re done puking all of that spiteful negativity on grieving parents?

Poor you. 

Whereas your comfort redeems itself the second you stop focusing on someone else’s tragedy, these parents you shame will have enough discomfort to last them a lifetime. 


Just because I’m dying to know, have you ever posted a picture of your child on social media? How about a “just born” baby announcement? If you have, then how do you feel anything but sorrow for these parents?

If you disagree with their decision to publicly announce their child’s birth, simply because they were born still, then screw you! 

This wasn’t what they envisioned when they first saw two lines on a pregnancy test. They didn’t want this. They didnt want to have to post a picture of their still baby, they wanted to post a picture of their rosy-cheeked, full of life baby. But that wasn’t in their deck of cards. They’re dealing with what they were dealt — in their own way. 

If they had photos or videos of their child alive, I guarantee they would share those. But since they don’t, they are sharing the only memories they have left of them instead. 

Stillbirth robs parents of the first cry, multiple all-nighters, birthday parties, soccer games, weddings and potential grandchildren. So I must ask, why would you try to take one more thing away from them? 

It’s because of people like you that stillbirth used to be a taboo sort-of thing. And it’s because of parents, like the three I witnessed this month, that it’s not a taboo thing anymore. Because let’s not forget, that would be 2.6 million lives tucked away in the dark, and awareness can’t be raised without willingness to share. 

As for the one who so casually threw out the word, “gross,” be a decent human being. Let them feel proud of the beautiful life they created — however brief it may have been. Don’t kick grieving parents when they are already down. If you don’t have something nice to say, well…. you know where the unfriend button is. Besides, no one cares about your negativity anyway. 

Please realize, YOU are the outcast here. While everyone else is presenting their most heartfelt condolences, your cruel negativity is opening you up to a line of fire, my friend. 

A parent’s love is such a powerful greatness, one that could never be broken — not by your crappy comments, not through the struggles of life, and not through the tragedy of early death. 

Be kind, for you know nothing of this heartache. 


  1. Amen! I have lost a child and we all grieve differently. There is no wrong way to grieve. And for those who have negative, “gross” comments,keep them to yourself. The loss of a child is not even explainable in words. And I would not wish it upon anyone. So to all those who have lost god bless you and all of our precious,beautiful babies are out guardian angels.

  2. Round of applause for whoever wrote this.
    My daughter passed away last February 6th. I was 39 weeks 4days.
    She was stillborn, BUT she was STILL – BORN so I will share pictures of my perfect gorgeous little angel. I’m lucky that nobody has made any nasty comments as I think I’d loose it with them. Like the paragraph above says we’re all struggling to get through daily life as it is without someone kicking us while we’re down. I will continue to post my baby’s pic when I feel like I want to and NOBODY would tell me to do any different. Can’t believe the disgusting people in this world who would make cruel disgusting comments on little angels. Makes me sick. I hope it’s not put anyone else off posting pics of our babies. Mummies n daddy’s,,keep posting these pics and ignore the scum bags that comment. Easier said than done but just don’t let it get to u. We know our babies are perfect. N that’s all that matters xx

    1. Hi Bernadette!

      Our most heartfelt condolences for the loss of your daughter. Still born is indeed correct! We are so sorry people have been so nasty to you during such a difficult time. Hugs!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. My son wasn’t still born but only lived 3 hours because his lungs never developed. Most of the pictures I have are after he passed away and I’ve had several negative comments. Such as “Why do you keep posting pictures of a dead baby?” And “You should forget the one that’s dead and focus on the child you have” Its very painful to hear or read, and yes I’ve had these things said in person. Because he only lived 3 hours there was NO ONE at his funeral but us (his parents) and his brother. People don’t realize how painful stiff really is.

    1. Hi Krystle!

      We are so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious baby boy. You have every right to post whatever you want to post and to grieve, however you need to grieve.

  4. You have every right to share and be proud of your beautiful babies. They are a part of your family, your history, your whole world.
    Love to all parents of angels and their families and friends. xxx

  5. Every baby born is a blessing from god. Alive, sleeping, or just visiting, they are still a CHILD. A beautiful gift and a CHILD.!
    My baby granddaughter is one of them. I pray you never feel this pain !!!

  6. I also had a stillborn daughter. Not to take away anything from my other children, but to me my stillborn is the most beautiful baby in the world. And that is because I never had the chance to see her as other than how she was when she was born. Thank you for writing this! To all of you who share what you have of your most beautiful baby, please keep on sharing!

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