A No Bull-Crap List Of Baby Products Your Newborn Needs

Hey there, new mama! Anxiously awaiting the arrival of your little one?

I remember those days! I spent hours searching the web, and reading what I thought I needed for my baby. Turns out, you don’t really know what you need (or what you’re doing) until you’re neck-deep into parenthood.

Well, lucky for you, this mama of five is ready to take some of the load off for you. Let’s break it down to the Top 28 Products Your Newborn Needs.

Where Do I Start?


1. Owlet Smart Sock 2

If you know me well, you’re probably tired of hearing me rant and rave over the Owlet. Too bad, this thing is AMAZING.

We have two for our little girls, and I have nothing but good to say about them. This sock uses clinically-proven technology to monitor baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels; notifying you through a base station and mobile app if they have fallen out of the preset range. I have an entire post here about why you should run with the Owlet for your choice of baby monitors.

Basically, it’s a miracle in a sock, and your baby NEEDS one!

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2. Medela Breast Pump


I have owned this pump for four years, and I’ve never had any loss of suction with this pump. You really can’t go wrong with a Medela.

Plus, we usually use Dr. Brown’s bottles, and these connect to the breast pump. Less dishes = mom win!


3. Summer Infant Laid Back Lounger

summer infant laid back lounger



No, I really mean that. The girls got these for Christmas, and they have been a Heaven sent.

The barriers around the edges of the lounger, make a comfortable (and cozy) fit for baby. It, also, features an activity bar for toys, special wedging for tummy time, and a fold-able option for supported sitting. The girls are almost six months old and we use our loungers every day.

4. 4moms mamaroo

I would say this is among one of the BEST inventions for the newborn age – the sway mimics mom’s movements when in motion.

And, let’s be honest, it looks really cool.

BUT…There are a lot of mom’s who prefer a swing, because they claim their baby’s amusement with the mamaroo was short-lived. My opinion, every baby is different.



5. Dr. Brown’s Bottles

We have tried (almost) every bottle under the sun, and the most success we’ve had is with Dr. Brown’s. Recently they launched their new Options bottle brand, this allows the inner, anti-colic straw to be used or taken out (a huge bonus for when I’m feeling like a lazy mom who doesn’t want to put the pieces together).

Let me tell you, though, the whole reason I use these bottles is for the anti-colic piece. The patent for this ended in January 2018, and has moved Tommee Tippee bottles forward in creating anti-colic bottles for babies,as well. I have not tried this brand, but it looks rather similar to that of Dr. Brown’s. If you’ve tried them, leave a comment below – I’d love to hear how they worked for your baby!


6. Rock-And-Play

Rock and play/ must have baby products/ newborn must haves

All of my cuties used their Rock-And-Play’s multiple times throughout day and night, for months. In fact, my oldest daughter used hers for 8 months! We started with the original (er, boring) Rock-And-Play with our first set of twins, and now we have the Deluxe Rocker.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, it rocks itself. UHH-MAZINGG!


7. Avent Pacifiers

For whatever reason, these were the ONLY pacifier’s my babies took well to. Not to mention, they were the only ones that stayed in their mouths.

Find what works best, and stick to it. The cute designs they offered, may or may not have swayed my decision-making.


8. Miracle Blanket 


If you’re looking for a swaddle that baby can’t pull their arms and legs out from, look no further! The Miracle Blanket has an extra, fabric layer designed specifically for keeping the arms snug, so baby can’t escape.

I used to think it was mean wrapping my newborns up like that (I’m a claustrophobic person myself), but babies like it! It helps with their startle-reflex. For those of you who don’t know what that is, don’t feel bad. You know when baby is sound asleep, and something (a sound or bright light) makes them flail their arms in the air like they just don’t care? That is startle-reflex, and it WILL wake your perfectly content, sleeping baby up.

9. Rubbermaid Bottle Brush

Trust me on this one, please. No – this bottle brush isn’t cute or fancy looking, but it will hold out the longest for you. My experience with bottle brushes is this: if it is wire, it’s going to break on you sooner, rather than later. If it’s completely plastic, it’s going to hold out far better for you.


10. Stock Up On Diapers And Wipes

No-brainer, I know.

Hopefully, if you had a baby shower, you are drowning in diapers and wipes. But if not, try to swing by the baby section every time your at the store and snag a box – it adds up quick!

We all know, every baby is different. For us, Pampers and Huggies worked best; although, Luvs catches the mess just fine too.

11. Gas Drops

All of my babies have been gassy – Every. Single. One.

It makes for an entire unhappy family when baby is grumpy all the time. These Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops worked wonders for us; and the price tag is easy on the wallet!


12. Gripe Water 

Kind of along the same lines as the gas drops, don’t get caught without these.

This miracle water is, also, a life-saver for those dreaded, baby hiccups.


13. Storage Cubes

So, you don’t necessarily “need” these for your newborn, but let me tell you, it is so nice to have cubes set up with baby’s necessities all throughout the rouse; rather than making several, wasted trips with a dirty-bum baby in your arms. Include anything and everything you could possibly need for baby (within reason) and you won’t be running rapid like a maniac throughout your house. 🙂


14. Let There Be Milk!

If you are planning to breastfeed and worried you might struggle with a low-supply, these herbal drops are a must-have! Most moms notice an increase of breastmilk in as little as a few hours.

Please note, Amazon sells out of this rather quickly. If they are in stock, snag ’em!


15. Onesies With Mittens And/Or Mittens.

When we were expecting our first set of twins, I thought the mittens were silly. I mean, who wants to have their hands covered up all day? BABIES DO! They would much rather have confined hands than scratched up eyes and cheeks. By the way, their fingernails are like razor blades.

Take advantage of the onesies with the built-in mittens, because it is hard to find mittens that actually fit a newborn wrist.


16. Swing

To each their own when it comes to what type of swing you’re on the prowl for, but in my experience, I’ve always found the swings with a portal charge (plug for the wall) are the longest lasting.

Portable, battery-operated swings lose their juice quickly, but are so handy when traveling. I searched the web and found this Ingenuity brand swing which is both portable and chargeable – WIN-WIN.


17. Car Seat

twin car seats/ graco click connect/ car seat 2018/ products i need for baby

Duh. Obviously, right?

I had to say it, though.

We’ve used the Graco Click Connect for all of the babies (we are hammy-down fans), without complaint. It fits baby up to fifty pounds and/or 2 years of age, but I would say it’s more realistic to say, it fits 40 pounds of baby weight comfortably.


18. Infant Tub

I was one of the lucky moms who found the most perfect infant tub right off the bat, – Angelcare Bath Support. This tub is easy to clean, comfortable, and there’s no need to keep filling it up over and over again with warm water. I convinced a few mom friends to buy this, as well, and I’ve never heard them complain!  Not to mention, you cannot fret about the price.

*We have the teal color, but they also have grey and pink.


19. Dove Shampoo and Lotion

For years we were avid Baby Magic users, but we recently made a definite switch after seeing a bleach stain on carpet – caused by spilled Baby Magic. This didn’t sit well with me; it made me think, what kind of chemical is really in that to cause a bleach stain?

Ever since we mixed things up, three things have happened:

  1. Their Cradle Cap is almost nonexistent.
  2. There is a drastic change in the moisture of their skin (SO SOFT).
  3. Oddly enough, their hair is longer.


20. NoseFrida

Okay, people, I KNOW.

The concept of sticking a tube into your mouth, in order to suck out your baby’s snot is…. well… downright REVOLTING.

BUT, NoseFrida is engineered with disposable filters, so there is no way you will inhale the nasties (I just puked a little). Trust me, this is #momtested.

Those bulbs you get at the hospital aren’t meant to be used over and over again, and the suction is dull compared to the Frida.


21. Bottle Drying Rack

If you’re going to be forced to hand wash your bottles, a.k.a. you have no dishwasher, you’re in the market to buy one of these bad boy’s. Okay, maybe you don’t “need” one this fancy, but it couldn’t hurt.

For those of you with a dishwasher, this seemed to be the best “catch all” for little bits and pieces for you!

22. Mobile

My babies would sit under their mobile for half an hour, and just watch it spin…. spin… spin… Hey, if they like it; SO DO I!

I love the one’s like the one pictured above, because they move and play music on their own, without needing a re-wind every 30 seconds.



This basal head and ear thermometer works wonders with our family. We’ve been using the same one for 3 1/2 years without any problems.

** Added bonus, it works for everyone in the house and keeps a detailed record of past history.


24. Bassinet On Wheels

I never invested in one, and I wished I would have with every baby; you’d think I’d have learned my lesson the first go around, nope.

But, a bassinet would have been wonderful for keeping the babes nearby while Icompleted my daily duties (or maybe, just soaked in the tub).


25. Haakaa Pump

This is a fairly new breastpump, that might be foreign to you.

I’ll be honest and say, I’ve never had success with using it as my sole breast pump, but it is fabulous for catching your let-down on the opposite side that you are nursing. I could not believe the amount of milk that was wasted every time I nursed.

After I started using the Haakaa, I was easily adding 2 – 4 extra ounces to my milk stash every feed. That may not seem like a lot, but every drop counts; and it adds up quick!


26. Crib

Another blatantly obvious one for you. I love our Delta cribs, they are very high-end with a reasonable price. Unfortunately, the cribs we have went out of stock. Still, I stand by Delta with their crib-making ability (my kids haven’t fallen out yet).

26. Carter’s Bibs and Burp Cloths

You could use a clean sock and your baby wouldn’t know the difference, but I LOVED Carter’s burp rags. They are absorbent, “softy” (as my oldest says), and they are always promoting new designs and/or fabrics.


27. Baby Gowns

Some parents hate these, because they do bunch up when baby squirms at night. But now that my girls are approaching the six month mark, I miss the days when they fit into these easy-to-change gowns; diaper changes were effortless. AND, most of the time, they come with those handy-dandy mittens I love so much.


28. Boppy or My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow (If You Have Twins)


If you’re planning to feed your baby “straight from the source” invest in a nursing pillow. If you don’t, you’re about to discover what a royal pain-in-the-butt it is to rearrange a plethora of pillows at the butt crack of dawn.

Twin Mamas – YOU NEED THE BREST FRIEND TWIN NURSING PILLOW. One more time for the mamas in the back – YOU NEED THIS!

I wish I would have had this from the get-go with both sets of my twins. My mom bought it for us when my second set was three months old, and I was mostly pumping by that point. I know if I would have had this pillow sooner, exclusive breastfeeding would have been much easier. They also have a Brest Friend Nursing Pillow for singletons!

*Make sure to take this with you to the hospital so the lactation can give you the best tips for when you get home with the tools you will have when you get there.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. If I missed something, don’t be afraid to let me know in the comment box (I promise, I won’t bite).

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