Counting Your Blessings

My hope is to lift you up and encourage you to be the best mama and best self you can be!

It is easy to feel bogged down by the normal, everyday strut of being a mom, but I want to be here to help you see the beauty in the little things once again.

I am exceedingly guilty of counting down the hours until bedtime (and nap time), but these chaotic-filled moments and maple syrup kisses is what being a mom is all about.


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What's to Gain?

If you  feel like you are a hot mess most days in the mom department, GREAT!

You can come sit next to me!

Most days I truly think I'm just winging it. But hey, it has worked so far!

As a two-time twin mama, I have learned some of the ins and outs of this crazy journey we call, "Motherhood" and am sharing with you as I continue to learn along my way.

Join me as I share my parenting tips, tricks and experiences.

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For Your Laughing Pleasure

When my fiance, Mason, and I had our first set of twins, to say I was overbearing MIGHT be an understatement.

I was always reminding people to "watch their heads" and didn't plop a pacifier back in their mouths when it hit the floor. Whereas, this time, I am plucking dog hair off of the pacifier before giving it to baby. No judgement, right?

I encountered my first "boo boo" with my daughter while Mason was working one morning. I was changing her diaper on our couch and looked away for a split second (because that's how it always goes), and before my body had time to react, my eyes saw my daughter roll off our couch and plop onto our living room floor.

She instantly cried and I had major mom guilt for the rest of the day, because the length from the couch to the floor might as well withstood the Eiffel Tower when my baby was falling helplessly from it.

When Mason returned from work, I shamefully shared to him my guilt over our daughter's accident. His reaction was quite different than I was expecting.

He slowly looked up at me with a guilty, sly smile and said, "Well now I can tell you she rolled off the couch last week too."

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Next Steps...

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