Mom, I Love You More

Dear Mom,

You tell me, “I love you.” But the truth is, I love you more. I don’t say it enough; I know.

You kissed my boo-boos and monsters flee at your call. Now that I’m grown, I love you even more for seeing me through it all.

I love you more than the number of nights you have slept in my bed. I was fully capable of sleeping alone, but you longed for my warmth instead.

You tell me you love me, but did you know?

Mother’s Day poem

I love you the most because, you taught me everything I’ve known. And I love you because, in the right moments, you allowed me to go at it alone.

I love you more than all of those never-ending hours we’ve spent at the grocery store. And, I love you for the patience you practiced when I was rotten to the core.

You tell me you love me “this much,” as you spread your arms out wide. But mom, I love you more because, you’ve never left my side.

I love you more than all of my Christmas presents under the tree. And, not to mention, I love you way more than Dr. Yang loves O.R. 3 on Grey’s Anatomy.

I love you more than the stupid boys, whom I thought had cared, and I love you so much more than the silly fights we have shared.

You keep telling me, “I love you”, but I’m dying for you to know – I think I love you more than I let it show.

Please don’t ask me to prove it, just trust me. But, I love you far more than I love my first sip of morning coffee.

I love you more than the amount of tangles you’ve brushed through my hair, and I love you even more when you shoot down my enemies with your mom stare.

You say to me, “Sweetie, I love you so.” But mom, I love you more and I really just want the world to know.

Mother’s Day writing for mom

Thank you for letting me be a kid. For that, I love you more. You didn’t have to give me the world, but you desperately wanted me to soar.

I love you more than the vile people who attempted to tear us apart. Those fools should have known, our mother-daughter bond is unbreakable; too strong to live without!

I love you more than the times I yelled, “I hate you.” I was young and naive, and for that, we’ll thank God I outgrew.

I can’t count the magnitude of ways you have renounced that you love me. But mom, I love you more. So for this one time, can we just let it be?

You are the one who taught me my 123’s, and nobody else has schooled me through my ABC’s. How can I not love you more?

I love you more than all of my sport’s practices you attended. Even when I told you, “Leave me alone,” you were always in the front row bleacher without hesitation.

But, I love you most for teaching me to be an awesome mom  – a love so strong that if bottled up, it would create an atomic bomb.

Now that I have children of my own, I know it to be true. Your love is abundant, and I think you love me more, too.

Moms love

But, I promise you one thing that is so true. I’ll always love you a million sweetish galloping horses – that one is just for me and you.

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  1. I love this ♡ I couldn’t have said it any better. Becoming a mother shows a daughter how much she truly loves her own mother, her rock, her bestfriend. Great post caila!!

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